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Ms. R. Tutors specializes in math tutoring.  Not only are our tutors experts in math, they use various techniques in teaching it to suit your child’s personality and learning style.  Your math tutor will first focus on the why and then the how.  This ensures a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Why Math Matters
The best first step toward helping a child struggling in math is early recognition.  Parents and teachers commonly dismiss math difficulty as a normal part of the child’s math career.  It is true that people can still succeed without excelling in math but, without certain math skills, a child’s opportunities are extremely limited.

Math is cumulative in nature, at Ms. R. Tutors, we firmly believe in building the foundation for more abstract thinking.  Teachers are now forced to “teach to the test”, allowing for more gaps in a child’s math skills.  The best way to reach a child’s full potential is to deal with these gaps promptly, before they loose confidence and the desire to achieve.

Signs a Child is Struggling in Math
  • Lack of confidence/enthusiasm
  • Lack of focus in class
  • Requires a lengthy amount of time to complete assignments
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Negative attitude and lack of determination towards completing assignments

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Math Tutoring Subjects

Elementary School Topics including but Not Limited to – Addition and Subtraction, Place Value, Coins and Money, Telling Time, Measurement, Division and Multiplication, Solid Figures, Rounding, and Many More.

Middle School Topics Including but Not Limited to – Algebraic Reasoning, Fractions/Decimals/Percents, Geometry and Measurement, Probability, Graphing Equations

High School Topics Algebra 1 and 2 – Inequalities, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Real Numbers, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, Functions and Relations, Polynomials


High School Geometry – 2 and 3 Dimensional Figures, Area/Volume/Surface Area of Solids/, Trigonometry
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