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Welcome to Ms. R Tutors servicing Palo Alto. We are the leading provider of in home tutoring in the Palo Alto Area. Our Palo Alto tutors are very knowledgeable of the locations and curriculum of the schools in the area. Palo Alto tutors have extensive experience in providing instruction in Math, English, Science, French, Spanish and many more. In addition to core subjects, our tutors can help your child learn crucial organizational strategies and study skills that help performance in all areas.

Ms. R Tutors is founded on the principle that all children will and can succeed. Our Palo Alto tutors have a strong background in education to provide outstanding instruction and guidance. We take pride in our tutors who not only are highly qualified educators, but also provide a positive and engaging environment.

At Ms. R Tutors, we come to you, fully prepared with all necessary materials to ensure quality instruction. Our Palo Alto tutors are experienced in lesson planning and can come to you with activities to review or preview concepts in Math, English, Science, Spanish, and other core subjects.

Our exceptional Palo Alto tutors will consistently keep you informed about your child’s progress and can also keep in touch with the classroom teachers throughout the school year. We strive to give you and our children the best instruction and dedication possible.
  Providing effective one-on-one tutoring for all core subjects for students in K-12
  Developing lesson plans to meet the specific needs of each student
  Organization and study skills
  Keeping relations with classroom teachers and parents