Since the 3rd grade, my daughter was struggling in math. The tears, frustration and anxiety came whenever she had math assignments or studied for a math exam. For a couple of years, I had her attending a math tutoring center, but that seem to frustrate her even more. I knew I had to find a private tutor for my child because she was approaching junior high school. I also wanted her to have the "one-on-one" attention she was not receiving at the tutoring center.

Finally, as my daughter entered the 6th grade, I was fortunate enough to find Sejal Raichura. Sejal is intelligent, clear and engaging. She immediately connected with my daughter. She established an amazing rapport with my child. My daughter is now earning "A's" on her exams and has been a "Straight A" student since her math improved. But the best part is that my daughter now has more confidence with her math assignments and exams. I am pleased with how Sejal has worked out for us, and I feel very fortunate to have her. Sejal is an excellent tutor!
A. Sullivan (mother)
San Francisco

My son has been working with Hector, a tutor from Ms. R Tutors, he is dedicated and committed to helping my son in achieving all his academic goals. We are HAPPY and satisfied. Thank You!!! Ms. R Tutors!!

Patti D., Hillsborough, CA

We started working with Ms. Raichura when my son was in 6th grade.  He was doing well in most subjects, but when it came to math he was just not “getting it” in the classroom.  We were concerned that he would fall behind.  We were looking for someone who could help bridge that gap.  As a qualified teacher, Ms. Raichura understood the curriculum and anticipated in advance where my son might have difficulties.  She spent focused time working through important concepts to insure that he had a solid understanding.  As a result, homework was easier, tests had better outcomes, and most importantly, he was able to keep up with the instruction in the classroom.  We are fortunate to have found her, she has made all the difference in my son’s success.
Crystal C., Daly City, CA